Monday, March 20, 2006

Brutal Rape/Murder In Reading, No Sikhs Involved

Say what you like about Liberals, but they're admirably hard-headed about sacrificing even their most committed brethren once they've become a liability to the Liberal cause. Look at the way events in Reading have suddenly given Liberals in the judicial system that 'pushed under the bus' feeling. Back when the Probation Service was merely causing the deaths of innocents, the Left was foursquare behind them, but now times have changed. Suddenly, even the BBC is reporting on their impressive record of scalps. What's gone right ?

Call me cynical, but whenever I hear Liberals suddenly tell the truth, I find myself asking this: what are they trying to hide. Well, take a look at this report here, or more specifically one section of it:
They found Mary-Ann and her friend drinking wine and sitting in a car belonging to a female friend called Shazia Ishaq.

"Just the girls we've been looking for," said Thomas.

Mary-Ann and her friend were dragged out of the car by the hair and bundled into the boot of the gang's car, which was already full with six men inside.

Shazia only escaped by lying about being pregnant.
Yep, everything we've heard about these charmers tells me that they're the just the sort of folks to be strong pro-lifers.

But wait... I've just had an e-mail from a Mr Sane, he'd like to point out this post.

Ah huh.

Yes, Mr Liberal, it is technically true that none of the guilty parties have published a pamphlet called 'Why I Like Raping & Murdering Infidel Women', but the evidence for an Islamic connection is at least as compelling as 99% of the incidents the MSM cheerfully call 'racially-motivated' - but only if the scumbag in question is native British.

Ah yes, that would be the thing.

For all their supposed obsession with context and nuance, when it comes to cases like this, Liberals bend over backwards to present every case like this as sui generis. It's a series of totally unique events that - amazingly - keep happening. Femiloons who normally spend their days claiming that the design of cornflake packages oppresses women, find absolutely nothing worthy of comment in a culture that produces gang rapists by the dozen. Equality freaks see no problem in a serious of violent outbreaks along ethnic lines. And the police ? They're tied up looking for offensive golliwogs.

Maybe there are Liberals in the justice system unhappy at being set up for the political equivalent of human sacrifice to the gods of multiculturalism. Considering the price paid by folks like Mary-Ann Leneghan, I think they got off lightly.

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