Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Moral Cartographers Needed

Just how far down the U-bend has the BBC gone ? Consider this topic on (Don't) Have Your Say: 'Should Religious Converts Be Punished?'

Gosh, is murdering converts alright or not ? We may never know!

Anyway, didn't religion used to be the opium of the masses ? I guess Marx had his chance to destroy the West, now it's Islams's turn. Call it a wild shot in the dark, but I'm thinking that if America suddenly suffers another rash of shark attacks, the BBC will run a DHYS thread on whether eating people is wrong.

Meanwhile, the BBC - ever on the alert for those crazy 'extremists' - has chosen to make this a 'fully moderated' topic, thereby offering further clues as to what definition of extreme the BBC is employing. Consider, for example, that all of the following are A-OK with the BBC:
Afghanistan is a sovereign country. How about everybody stops commenting on THEIR buisiness? Laws are laws. Afghanistan has an elected government. Or are we only happy when the results from elected governments are "correct"? Mind you own buisiness.

Chris Irvine
Apparently, Liberals really do inhabit a different universe to the rest of us, at least to judge by their interpretation of the concept of 'universal' human rights.
if this man is killed, and america continues to fund afgahnistan, then america, not islam or the afgahis, are only to blame. america turns a blind eye on nations like this, so long as they fit within america's agendas. wake up gwb, and start practicing what you preach.

ralph kimball, augusta, ga, United States
Yep, Islam is a barbaric ideology, therefore the only answer is to turn the country over to hard-line Islamopaths. It's all so obvious...
This issue is not so much about religious freedom or lack thereof, rather of the East's rejection of all things western of which Christianity is the foremost symbol. The west has done nothing to ingratiate itself with the East thereby staunchly pre-disposing them to loathe the west. Claiming that an individual must die for a personal choice is undeniably irrational but is the East trying to make an anti-west statement? One wonders. Or at least one should.

Sakshi Hazuria, Salt Lake City, USA
Doncha'just love it when you see these people slagging off the West from the well-known African state of Utah ? Apparently, the West is hell, but not in the sense of somewhere you wouldn't want to live.

But wait, we can't have a proper DHYS thread on the Religion of Peace without you-know-who, where can he be ?
Although this is a ridiculous thing to happen and totally unIslamic (there is no compulsion in religion), aren't we in the West the ones who brought 'freedom and democracy' to Afghanistan after invading it? So who are we to criticise the laws of that 'free and democratic' nation? This sort of event just gives another excuse for all the Islamophobes and xenophobes to crawl out of the woodwork and vent their nasty prejudices against Muslims and Islam in general.

Bilal Patel, London, UK
Phew! The end of the world has been averted, Bilal is back, and with another excellent point. Islamopaths murdering people who escape from the death cult is wrong because it strengthens the case for people who oppose the Religion of Peace. Who says it's a religion of amoral sociopaths ?

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