Thursday, March 02, 2006


Great comment to this post over at Biased BBC. Here's Susan on the BBC's whiny hand-wringing about anyone telling the truth about Islam.

"Is it responsible for them to make a statement like this in the current climate?"

Was it "responsible" for the barons to write the Magna Carta? Was it "responsible" for Luther to nail his theses to the cathedral door? Was it "responsible" for Parliament to put Charles I on trial? Was it "responsible" for the American colonists to sign the Declaration of Independence? Was it "responsible" for Martin Luther King to give his "I Have a Dream" speech?

This is what we Westerners DO, ya dumb*ss Beeboids. And if you'd bothered studying our history, our traditions and our culture in college instead of sniffing glue and whacking off over old copies of Das Kapital, you wouldn't be so horrified that we haven't **quite** forgotten who we are -- yea, even after decades of Gramscian brainwashing put out by the likes of you tried to make us forget all about it.

This is the revenge of the hated Dead White Males on your stupid malignant Gramscian *sses and the beauty of it is, many of those people paying tribute to the **horrible** values of the **horrible** West by signing that manifesto aren't white!

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