Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sweeney On-His-Todd

Liberals often deny chages that the media lies by omission. No, the fact that seemingly newsworthy stories that happen to be unhelpful to the Left sometimes disappear without a trace is simply because the selection of which stories to feature is - that phrase again - 'very complex' so stories that would be headline news one day, might not feature the next.

Uh OK. But I'm betting there are some stories that would be headline news anytime. How about the abduction and subsequent murder of a teenage girl ? And how about if one of the assailants was a former social worker, cleared to foster kids ? Still not enough ? OK, how about if they carved her body up and served it up to customers in their takeaway ?


This is the type of story you'd expect the MSM to go to Defcon One for, but no - talking dogs get more coverage. Why might that be ? Guess!

(tip of the hat to Laban)

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