Sunday, March 05, 2006

Blood Guilt

As I understand it, Tessa Jowell never questioned her husband on his Byzantine financial affairs because she was blinded by lurrrve but, after a week of negative media scrutiny, she’s dropping him like a Frenchman’s rifle. Is it just me or do other people sense a certain mixed message here ?

Not every Liberal got the memo though. While the MSM was busily telling us that it’s perfectly credible for a government minister to have absolutely no idea what’s going on in her own house, up on Murkeyside Liberals are experimenting with a whole new concept of familial responsibility.

Not to be flippant, but at least they only killed Anthony Walker once. Romeo & Juliet appear to have changed mortgagees like David Beckham changes hairstyle. More to the point, there's no evidence that the Barton family knew - let alone approved of – anything, far less that they benefited from these crimes, so that’s two things they’ve got over the star-crossed ones.

It can’t be just the fact it’s a murder case. As JuliaM pointed out when she first mentioned this case, what about another well-known group of killers ? When the July 7 bombers were identified, Liberals didn’t want to put their families on the street, they wanted to give them pride of place at the memorial service.

Equally, while it’s true that the Libs aren’t actually blowing the house up, in so far as a family will be made homeless, this seems essentially the self-same thing Liberals decry as ‘collective punishment’ when carried out by you-know-who.

Of course, there is a case for eviction where the crimes committed directly affect the quality of life of other tenants, but I think we can safely say that there is no threat from Michael Barton for the moment. Nope, this action is entirely punitive, Liberals aren’t trying to make the community a better place, they’re motivated by a medieval concept of vengeance.

This is the point I keep making. Liberals do love their little sermons about the evils of an excessively punitive justice system, but us evil Righties only wanted to execute Ian Huntley, not his parents. Every time a Liberal talks about the need for compassion, understanding or some other hippy garbage in the justice system, you can bet that we’re talking about something that Liberals don’t think should be a crime anyway. Have you heard a Liberal talk about the need to understand the root causes of tax evasion ? Mind you, one more week of revelations and they might start. Still, remember the compassionate Liberal response when Jeffery Archer got sent down ? Apparently, prison works, but only for Conservatives.

These people are telling us who they are. NACRO, the Howard Trust, Amnesia Intentional, Libelty and all the rest of the Liberal freak show have given the game away. Just like 90% of Liberal pressure groups, their positions are entirely fungible, changing with whatever best suits the Liberal agenda at the time. Kill a guy because you don’t like blacks ? Liberals will try and get your second cousin fired from his job. Kill a whole bunch of people because you hate Infidels ? Liberals will be treading on the bodies of the fallen in their rush to comfort your family.

So Liberals are a bunch of conniving scumbags. I know that will be a shock to many of you, but there you have it. I have a modest suggestion though. Let’s stop arguing on ground of their choosing. We've allowed them to set the terms of the debate and use the genuinely oppressed as some kind of human shield. When we talk about their agenda, we aren’t talking about human rights, morality or anything of the sort. These people are campaigning to advance the Liberal agenda and Conservatives should have no qualms about calling these people what they are.

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