Sunday, January 01, 2006

But Did Anyone Flush "Mein Kampf" Down The U-Bend ?

No wonder the Left doesn't want the kids to study the Second World War. The L3 keep telling us that World War II proves that the country can be defended without sacrificing...well, anything really. To listen to these people, Fighter Command was only able to use reasonable force to deal with German aviation enthusiasts who blundered into British airspace, the BBC aired documentaries claiming the Wehrmacht didn't actually exist and the Daily Mail had a front page exclusive with a whistle-blower who'd exposed the government's secret eavesdropping site at Bletchley Park.

As with 90% of what the L3 believe, the only problem is that it's complete rubbish. Britain in WWII was not in fact a particularly well-armed hippy commune. Each and every technique was used to assure victory, from Operation Gommorah to witchcraft trials. More to the point, in the specific area of treatment of those who had committed serious crimes, there was no question of 'due process'. Not only did Britain have its own Gitmo (as the L3 wouldno doubt put it), but we now find that - unlike Hitler's spiritual descendant in the White House - there was no question of Churchill wanting to allow military tribunals to execute Nazis. In fact, he didn't see any reason to bother with a trial at all. He wanted Nazis shot on identification. Guess that must mean Churchill=Hitler, mmmmmmmmmmmmm ?

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