Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What If He'd Only Molested The Scumbag ?

It goes against the grain to help the forces of darkness, but for the mental health of the nation, it has to be said: Liberals, if you’re trying to bamboozle the rest of us into thinking you’re taking seriously infiltration of our nation’s schools by predatory perverts, stop referring to it as a ‘witch hunt’.

Of course, the L3 have some cheese anyway, accusing anyone else of stirring up hysteria. Who exactly was it who decided to enliven a party conference by inviting a bulging eyed lunatic from the Snowdrop campaign to call for Jihad against gun owners ? Call it a crazy hunch, but I’m guessing a significantly lower proportion of gun owners go bananas than paedophiles turn out to be paedophiles. When there is a 1:1 match we’re no longer talking about a correlation, so much as a ‘description of suspect’.

As bizarre as it is to hear Liberals proclaim that we can’t really be sure that convicted paedophiles are paedophiles, we also have the sheer weirdness of Ruth Kelly’s supporters claiming she shouldn’t be fired because she had no idea what was going on in her own department. Yep, it’s the Reverse Nuremberg defense again – bad stuff was done, but only by people who weren’t following orders. Now, after (according to Liberals) officials in the DfES conspired to conceal from our elected representatives that they were allowing paedophiles to work in schools, the answer (again, according to Liberals) is to strip politicians of their nominal authority and transfer the whole process to the self-same officials who approved the perverts in the first place. That’ll fix it!

As with 90% of what Liberals believe, there’s a strong undercurrent of intellectual snobbery in their position. They like to argue that public opposition to allowing sexual predators to range freely through the education system is proof positive of the Great Unwashed’s lack of nuance, simplistic worldview and general lack of Frenchness. The funny thing is that there are some issues where Liberal nuance is conspicuous by its absence. Take the evils of felonophobia. Apparently, this isn’t a complex issue. Child molestation needs thinking about, but calling pondscum pondscum is an unmitigated evil. How’s that for a summation of what the L3 really stand for: ‘Protecting your kids nearly as well as we protect criminals' ?


Needless to say, they're discussing this over at DC's place, where several of them raise a point I myself was wondering about, namely what happened to all those human rights laws the L3 foisted on us to prevent inappropriate bugging of Achmed Al-Semtex ? ,

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