Sunday, January 15, 2006

Gay Cowboys Eating Pudding

It’s generally true that the Left thinks the Right shouldn’t be allowed to state their case, while the Right thinks Leftists should be positively encouraged to explain what they really think. That’s why Liberals keep yapping about the danger from alleged extremists on the web, while right-wing maniacs such as myself find ourselves screaming at the car radio ‘Look, moron, you asked him about health policy, now you’re letting him get away with babbling about his disabled child. Get a grip!’

All of which is by way of saying that I feel more positive about a certain movie than ATW. Not that I don’t agree with them about the vile ideological intentions of the movie. When the L3 charge Bush with being a cowboy, they’re – for once – exactly right. The cowboy is an icon of what’s right with our civilization, and the L3 attacks on the cowboy myth are motivated by that very fact.

Still, with all that, I think it’s rather funny. Look at all those Liberal film reviewers. They bang on and on about how transgressive the film is, how daring, how it’s really stuck it to the BushChimpler...and so on, until finally they have to admit that, well, y’know, not a lot actually happens. The film doesn’t even qualify as parody – parody requires at least a basic knowledge of the source material. This film is the equivalent of throwing a tin of paint over a statue of John Wayne.

What ‘Brokeback Mountain’ really reveals is the fundamental hollowness of our opponents. For all that talk of Gay History Months, Gay Pride parades and the like, when it’s time to produce a gay movie, it’s about two shepherds who wander round, occasionally buggering each other. So that was what all the hate was about ? That was what the Pink Wedge launched their crusade for ? ‘Brokeback Mountan’ not only establishes just how much these people hate Western Civilisation, it also exposes their total inability to suggest any workable alternative.

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