Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Our Natural Ruling Class At Play

We're just lucky this incident didn't involve two students from some prole uni like Edinburgh or York - then it would have just degenerated into squalid sadism. Of course this does land our betters in something of a pickle. If they let them stay then it rams home the point that standards are for the leetle peeple. Give them the heave-ho and it raises questions about a selection system that can choose two sadistic muppets like this in the first place - I'm pretty sure Laura Spence has no record of animal cruelty. Either way, it kind of undermines their claim to be a select body of Ubermann. I'm guessing they'll square the circle and claim that the initial concept was sound, but these two young geniuses were let down by the undermotivated proles running our postal system.

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