Sunday, January 08, 2006

I-Pods No Longer Cool

Hey, I've suddenly realised: I haven't mocked David Cameron for, well, days. Of course, it is a weekend so the MRMU is well down (that's Mean Rate of Moronic Utterances). Still, I'm sure I'll find...


I guess after Girly Week, it’s now the kids chance to be patronised by Lord Snooty. Yep – it’s now David Cameron, Groovy Teacher. He’s letting us know that he’s really down with the kids, listening to groovy sounds on his i-pod. And what’s he listening to ? RadioHead, Pulp and Blur.

C’mon! Was there ever a more transparently obvious attempt to 'relate' ? Not to be a music snob – I’m practically tone deaf, and besides these are all fine, unobjectionable bands, but all three ? And with nowt else ? No quirky choices ? No lesser-known bands ? Yep - this guy can't even talk about his choice in music without focus grouping it to death.

You want proof positive ? He mentioned one other band, the 1980s finest purveyor of psedo-intellectual drivel to whiny adolescents of all ages, the folks who proved you can cover for lack of talent by producing really 'deep' lyrics that make the back of a cornflake packet look like the complete work of Aristole. Yep, Lord Snooty claims to be a Smiths fan. Gosh, he must be really sensitive!.

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