Monday, January 30, 2006

How To Get A Femiloon To Shut Up

Just as a snapshot of where we are in the culture wars, a rapist has managed to evade justice by the simple expedient of not turning up in court, instead sending a sick note. What is this ? Primary school ? But that's not the best of it - all this happened nine months ago but the police have only got round to releasing the details. This is the modern Britain David Cameron professes to think is just ducky.

There's a wider issue here though. The femiloons normally need sedating to stop them wallowing in victimhood. To listen to these people, you could think no women ever makes it alive to 60. In fact, to hear their idiot yapping about anorexia, you could think 21 would be a ripe, old age for a woman. Now, here we actual brutality. The system has let a perverted monster out onto the streets. No need for hand-wavey talk of 'intimidating atmospheres', this is the real thing. WARNING! WARNING! Degenerate Predator Out On The Streets! But no, these people are prepared to go nuclear when some guy calls a female colleague 'fat', but faced with a real savage 'zero tolerance' suddenly turns into 'quite a lot of tolerance actually'.

Why is this ? Well, the femiloon movement does have at its black heart a hard core of feminazis, who think the only good man is a dead one, but the brains of the operation are fully signed-up Kool Aid drinkers. They'll rant about men, but only when it suits the objectives of the Gramscian Left. Just as the supposed leaders of the black community handed 'their people' over to the gangsters, so the femiloons have no compunction about throwing a rape victim under the bus rather than give aid and comfort to the real enemy (ie Conservatives) by admitting that, yes, our L3-infested court system is dysfunctional (and that counts double when the scumbag-in-question is a RoPer). Having rapists walking the street is one thing, but Conservatives on the bench ? Now that's really a femiloon's nightmare.

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