Monday, January 09, 2006

It's Grim Down South

What is this ? National Bust-A-Taboo week ? Patricia Hewitt asks the question many have been afraid to ask: does anyone know if David Cameron has a disabled son ? There’s been nothing about it in the papers…..

Spare me the girly hysteria, Cameroonatics. What does the caption on the picture here say ? Exactly. The only thing more obnoxious than Cameron’s constant parading of a young child is the bogus outrage when anyone points out Cameron’s constant parading of a young child. The poor lad’s covering more ground than half the shadow cabinet, but Cameron’s opponents are pigs for dragging his family into politics.

The whole idea behind these constant references to Cameron Jr is to humanise the prissy, elitist jerk. It’s bad enough having to put up with politicians claiming to ‘feel your pain’, now we’ve got one asking you to feel his. Seriously, I wonder exactly what ordinary parents bringing up disabled children think about a filthy rich, insanely well-connected MP proclaiming that he knows exactly what they’re going through.

OK, just for the sense of Cameron’s sleazy, manipulative argument, let’s accept that poor Ivan’s misfortune gives Lord Snooty particular insight into the plight of families with disabled children. If Cameron having a disabled child means he’s well qualified to talk about disabled children, doesn’t the yin to that yang mean he’s hopelessly unqualified to talk about just about everything else ?

Here’s a guy who’s closest encounter with the world of real work was a cameo as Chief Flack for a media megacorp – how exactly is this bloke supposed to understand life in a small business ? Ditto, are we supposed to be surprised that a filthy rich bloke sees no problem with hitting the public with tuition fees and road pricing without any corresponding tax cuts ? If the Conservatives are going to base their campaign on their leader’s life experience, they might want to choose someone other than an arrogant, Metropolitan ponce born with a whole cutlery drawer full of silver spoons in his mouth.

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