Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Femiloons In Stupid Victimhood Claim Shocker

Who'd be in the drugs industry ? The government make you spend years and billions of pounds to get your drug to market, then they complain that it's too expensive. Then there's the charidee rabble, endlessly complaining that not enough attention is paid to Third World diseases, then demanding that companies should waive patents on any drug dealing with these diseases. But for full-on pharmohumbuggery, one source stands above all others. Really - if you want to see a doctor panic, wait until your GP prescribes something then ask him how it works. Without the pharmaceutical industry, 90% of medicine would be social work, so quite naturally the medics would rather miss a round of golf than a chance to criticise the industry. Even by their standards, this latest attack is a lu-lu:
Drug companies are being overly cautious in advising pregnant women to avoid using many of their most useful medicines, a leading doctor says.
Vermin! Fancy tricking people into not using their products. Is there no end to their evil ? It gets better:
Women are being denied use of drugs for everything from headaches and depression to infections.
Wow! This isn't just people being too cautious, people are actually denying women these drugs. I'll bet Chimpy McHitlerBurton is behind it.
Women are being ghettoised over treatment, if this was happening to an ethnic group there would be outrage and quite rightly.
Huh ? There are drugs which can't be given to certain ethnic groups. That's not proof that the industry is secretly run by the KKK, that's the realities of genetics. Leaving aside the trainwreck understanding of basic science, the rest of the statement doesn't stand up either. Women aren't being ghettoised - at worst, we're talking about those women with a particular self-limiting condition.

More to the point, as even the BBC concedes, this reluctance to expose pregnant women to drugs arises for perfectly understandable reasons. After Thalidomide it was exactly this kind of femiloon house eunuch who was yapping about eviiiiil companies foisting drugs on pregnant women. They claimed these companies were evil for producing those drugs, so now there aren't any drugs for pregnant women. All the companies have done is followed the logic of both the rhetoric and the policy pushed by the L3 ever since.

Maybe Atlas Shrugged should be a set text in medical school ?

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