Sunday, January 15, 2006

We're Just Lucky Perverts Don't Create "An Environment Of Intimidation"

I think ATW are bang on here when they point out the sheer humbuggery of the Left. For the record, the charge was not that the nonce-in-question merely supports paedophillia, it was that he paid money to access what he thought was a nonce site. Free speech means you have the right to criticise our gun laws, not the right to buy a pistol.

It's not just education either. The Left persecutes those with bad opinions in other sectors too. To the point: the L3 are not motivated by any warped sense of Christian charity or ideals of limited government. They’re certainly capable of throwing the first stone, it’s just that they don’t think being a pervert is that big a thing. So why do they get so foot-stampey when I say that ?

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