Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Chutzpah Madras

Mr FM reports on the latest happenings in the dead dog trade. Glad to see that the definition of 'highly skilled immigrants we need for our high tech industries' seems to include 20 000 waiters per year. Either being a waiter is a lot more dangerous than we thought, or the immigration system is a farce. I think I know where my money's going.

I can kind of see what Mr FM is on about, but I still think it's ironic to hear arguments like these:

Ashraf Uddin, the Secretary-General of the Bangladesh Caterers’ Association, said that at least 20,000 workers a year were needed to work in Britain’s 10,000 Indian restaurants. The Government had told them to take Eastern Europeans. “Unless they know our culture, our language, our way of working, it’s a complete mess,” he said.
See, that was kind of the thinking of us nasty Nazis in the VRWC when we failed to throw our hats in the air on hearing that we're importing 20 000 unskilled RoPers p.a. Say what you like about Poles, but at least they won't try and blow up the kitchen.

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