Sunday, January 22, 2006

Liberals' Bold New War Plan: Surrender

OK, we have a comedian in Britain who dresses like Osama Bin Laden, so I guess there’s certain symmetry in Osama paying tribute to Monty Python’s Black Knight and offering to call it a draw. Apparently, if the US throws the towel in, then he’ll call off his terrifying campaign of hiding in spider holes in north west Pakistan and issuing tapes every 18 months. Otherwise, he’s threatening to escalate to issuing interactive DVDs with deleted scenes and director’s commentary.

Actually, I favour sticking with Plan A: kill them all. After all, at the moment Al-Qaeda is just about the only multinational in the world that isn’t faced with crippling pension costs. By an amazing coincidence, every time the brainless cowboys fire a hellfire missile into a building full of women and childen and cute kittens, supersonic kitten shrapnel flies across the road and hits a senior member of Al-Qaeda who just happens to be walking past. Very spooky.

Not that you would know all this if you were reliant on the MSM, just like you’d be surprised at finding that Osama has demanded the US pull out of Iraq. Huh ? Is this the same Iraq that’s irrelevant to the War on Terror and where the US is hurtling towards inevitable disaster ? Then again, it must be hard to pick up the BBC from inside a spider hole. He probably doesn’t know he’s on the verge of total victory.

Needless to say, the news that the world’s deadliest terrorist has started issuing whiny messages asking why we can’t all just get along has reinvigorated the anti-war Left, as they realise if they don’t get a move on there’ll be no enemy left for them to surrender to. The fact that previous history suggests that Bin Laden isn’t really a negotiations kind of guy has been dismissed as irrelevant. All of this just proves the truth of the old saying: those who will not learn from history are doomed to become Liberals. Of course, given Liberals’ trainwreck understanding of history, it’s not surprising they so utterly fail to learn its lessons.

Take, for example, the L3’s favourite talking point this week: we should negotiate with terrorists because it was through negotiating with terrorists that we managed to achieve peace in Ulster. Now, this is true to a degree, the degree being ‘not at all’. What really happened is this: for thirty years terrorists attacked this country and Liberals helped them any way they could. While some old-style Leftists served this country with honour, Liberals waged a full-spectrum campaign to try and lose us the war. They had no real success until the Caligula government in the mid-90s, at which point they were able to screw things up sufficiently to leave the Tranzi vermin that came next with an open goal. The people who handed over millions of British citizens to terrorist thugs should never be allowed near government again, but now they think their experience in losing a war proves some more general point. The only worthwhile lesson to be drawn from events in Ulster is this one: Liberals lose wars.

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