Saturday, December 31, 2005

I'm Turning Into A Marxist

Is it just me, or are other people getting a distinctly nauseous feeling seeing the MSM giving Cameron a tongue bath ? Are we supposed to forget that the self-same people gave Blair the same treatment ? Hell, how come they themselves don't think about it ? "Hey, that last guy we went all goey over turned out to be a nut! Let's go in with our eyes open this time." Nope. Instead, we have the whole "Blair Lied!" scenario, whereby the Fourth Estate, soi dissant remorseless seekers after truth, maintain that they were bedazzled by our demonic PM.

All this would be merely stupid, except when you look at exactly why many of these folk turned against Blair: Iraq. They were OK with Blair smearing a badly-injured 92 year old woman as a racist, but when he started blackening the name of homicidal dictators...well, that's just going too far. Ditto, they objected to Britain going to war based on bogus intelligence - unlike the reports of 100 000 dead civilians in Kosovo [current body count: 3000, almost all young males]. Or maybe it was the civilian casualties caused by the Coalition bombing enemy strongpoints, rather than the real enemy: TV stations. Then again, it could be lack of an exit strategy, like the one that got our boys out of the Balkans so fast. Or maybe it's....

No, this is garbage. Nothing - not one thing - Blair has done in recent years has not been entirely predictable from the start, but try to find any section of the MSM that asked these questions before Blair started hunting Islamoloons. Nope - pre-97 Sherlock Holmes couldn’t have found a critical profile of Blair in the MSM. Now it's deja vu all over again, with Cameron carefully fielding all those 'Is it hard to be so wonderful ?' interview questions.

This all points to a void at the heart of our democracy. The privileged position of the MSM reflects its vital role in informing the public, but when that role is abandoned in favour of blatant attempts at kingmaking, why should we continue to respect them ? More to the point, it's noticeable that in the case of Nu Lab with Blair & Brown, and in the case of the Nu Conmen with Cameron & Davis, the MSM has helped cement the position of a super privileged, vacuous, metropolitan ponce who's never done a real days work in his life, over some guy who's actually worked for a living. Or to put it another way, the MSM helped elect itself. Similarly, when the MSM run stories claiming Blair would actually rather lose No 10 to Cameron than Brown, there’s no doubt this is what the MSM wants. Forget actual ideology, what we’re seeing is true class interest at work. The MSM, and those that think like them, don’t worry about actual party affiliation, just as long as the winner is one of them. The real question is just how long it’ll take Joe Public to realise that.

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