Saturday, December 24, 2005

What Could Go Wrong ?

In a modern day version of the Greek warnings about Nemesis following on from Hubris, the L3 have put a fatwa on Nottinghamshire’s PC Diederik Coetzee. The non-PC PC’s fatal flaw was going public about his busting frenzy, thereby placing himself in the crossfire between Libs shocked – shocked! – that the police arrest people, and police management, equally appalled at anyone implying that law enforcement doesn’t necessarily need helicopters, special task forces or compulsory RFID chips all round.

The Left have fallen back on one of their trademark countermoves: girly whining. Apparently, all those arrests are intimidating vulnerable young people - and, no, I’m not making this up. You never can tell with the Nu Police, but I’m guessing that most of PC Coetzee’s intimidatees are what scientists call ‘scumbags’. Giving them a hard time is kind of the point of having police. Not these days though. In an anti-matter version of the famous ‘broken windows’ theory, it turns out that just about everything can be tolerated.

Let’s not even consider the moral backflip involved in seeing an OAP living next door to a 25 year old smackhead, and deciding that it’s Captain Needle who’s vulnerable. Insane though such a worldview is, there’s something even more deeply perverted at work here. The Victorians are easily mocked, but at least folks like William Booth aimed to cure social pathologies, not merely rebrand them as quirky, yet equally valid, lifestyles.

Consider events in Sheffield. Here was a textbook case of abuse, and the social workers did absolutely nothing. Why ? Consider this line ‘[there was a] failure of teachers and health workers to mark out any of the children's problems as exceptional, because of low expectations in their community.’ A-huh. This is what happens when non-judgementalism becomes your guiding principle – or, to put it another way, when the only morality is the absence of morals. You end up with social collapse and a whole bunch of public sector princes standing around because, hey, who’s to say that starving your kids is necessarily worse than not starving them ?

I guess we have to give the social workers some credit for not actually killing anyone this time, still, there’s a certain irony when you consider what else was announced this week. MPs have decided that the law on corporate manslaughter needs to be tightened up. Apparently, these folks haven’t heard the saying about motes and beams. The Left is all-a-flutter about the private sector killing people, but when social workers screw up, it’s because the system failed. Hey – you’ve got to watch these systems, there’s no telling what they’ll do next.

For all the Left’s propaganda about eviiiiil kepitalist pigs sacrificing lives for profit, at least the pigs in question don’t try to claim moral justification for their actions. British Airways may cause a few crashes if they replaced expensive pilots with trained chimps, but at least they won’t lose planes because they’ve decided that the concept of ‘stall speed’ is a social construct. Meanwhile, our social working classes are on the bus to never-never land, secure in the knowledge that no matter how many kills they amass, they’ll never be faced with anything worse than having to give a quick performance of the Lessons-Have-Been-Learned waltz.

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