Thursday, December 01, 2005

Troops Fall Into Hands Of Crazed Militants

Gosh, just a week after the chattering classes were shocked by the Royal Marines attempt to get an Arts Council grant, it turns out that Princess Tony has arranged for the Armed Forces to be handed over to the bewigged fools. Isn’t it funny how often that sort of thing happens ?

Today's Bill will set up a joint prosecuting authority in place of the existing Army, Navy and Air Force prosecutors…

Like the three bodies it replaces, the joint prosecuting authority will come under the "superintendence" of the Attorney General. That term, first used in the Prosecution of Offences Act 1879, is deliberately vague, meaning pretty much what people want it to mean.
I’m guessing calling it the ‘Office Of Screwing The Forces’ would be a little too obvious. Consider for one moment the mentality which compares the Forces with the Courts and decides the Forces need reform.

Lest you be in any doubt what these people intend, try this:

Lawyers should advise military police which questions to ask in interview and what evidence is needed to secure a conviction….While this may not be practicable in a military war zone, modern communications should permit a much greater involvement by lawyers.
This makes LBJ picking the next day’s targets over lunch look sane. Some Liberal freaks are going use satellite links to persecute troops in the middle of a war zone ?

These reforms are a train-wreck. They’ll deliver over one of the few functioning institutions in modern Britain to the very people who have done most of the damage. You couldn’t fill a minibus with actual, normal people who’d think this is a good idea. No wonder the L3 are reduced to releasing tapes of ‘Marines Gone Wild!’.

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