Thursday, December 01, 2005

Not Innocent

See, this is the magic of the Internet. Already, the wheels are coming off the ‘Christian Peacemaker Teams’ as wide-eyed innocents meme. That’s good, but I never bought it anyway. By now, the evidence is well and truly in. No matter how deluded anyone was about the – ahem! – insurgents in 2003, few people can be under any illusions about the nature of the enemy now.. To put it another way, the only way you can not see these people as savages is to be so thoroughly-immersed in the BushChimpler kool aid as to believe that all those decapitations are actually being carried out by CIA officers in a film studio at Area 51.

These people aren’t Luke Skywalker handing themselves over to Darth Jihadi claiming they can still sense good in them. They just don’t think they’re evil in the first place. These people are so wrapped up in their hatred of the West that they cannot conceive that anyone who hates the West nearly as much as they do can be a bad guy. They’ve been framed, the West made them do it and what about the 200 million homeless Americans anyway ? It isn’t their naiveté which leads them into trouble, it’s their hatred.

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