Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Chutzpah, Thy Name Is Liberalism

It seems like it was only about a month ago the Left’s Insane Clown Posse was all-a-twitter about the Sun running its famous ‘Traitors!’ headline. Oh wait – it was. Doubtless these same folks will be doing their enraged chimp dance again after Princess Tony’s latest effusion. Lest we forget, here’s what he said:

[although you] sit with our country's flag, you do not represent our country's interest.
Yowser. Not much room for misquote there. Doubtless the Left side of the blogosphere will be going to Defcon One even as we speak.

Just kidding.

That jibe was actually aimed at UKIP's MEPs. I guess calling people traitors is OK, if they’re on the Right. Of course, Blair is to be commended for playing to one of his strengths, namely girly hysteria, but the facts are not on his side. Say what you like about the British Right, but we’re not the ones who have a fit of the vapours every time we see someone wearing a Union Flag tiepin. We haven’t all but airbrushed our nation’s history from the school curriculum. We haven’t foisted activist judges on the country so they can take a blowtorch to our constitution. Come to think of it, having one of Britain's most prominent Liberals call you a traitor is like having Ken Clarke call you fat - and that was the sane part of his speech. Try this:

This is 2005, not 1945.

We are not fighting each other any more.
Actually, that was the one thing that always put me off voting UKIP, the fact there three main policies are withdrawal from the EU, support for free trade and carpet bombing Hamburg. Huh ?

How on earth do we get from not wanting to throw £7 billion down the U-bend to wanting to send tanks up the Champs Elysees ? This isn’t an argument, in fact it’s not even any good when viewed as abuse – it simply doesn’t make sense in the first place. He may as well have accused his opponents of wanting to shoot dogs. What is the point ? Really – this is the true measure of Liberal media bias, that this guy can say these things secure in the knowledge that the only people who pick him up on it will be folks tapping away in their spare time.

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