Thursday, December 15, 2005

Surf Nazis ?

I can’t think of a subject where I’ve changed my mind more profoundly than the issue of Israel and the Palestinians. There are plenty of reasons for that change, but all come down to the fact that my previous opinions were based on the reports from the MSM - also known as ‘lies’. Really – the first three years on-line were a series of shocks. I knew the media leaned Left, but I couldn’t believe that they would actually go as far as to hide whole chunks of the truth. One of the biggest shocks was finding out that RoP facecards like Arafat were Martin Luther King for an Infidel audience, and Martin Borman for their fellow RoPers. That wasn’t even hinted in MSM coverage. They can’t have not been aware of that – it’s not like the Israelis wouldn’t have pointed it out – but it was like there was a media blackout every time some RoP leader ODed on the sodium penthol.

Just as long as the MSM restricted it’s lying to ‘far away places of which we know little’, they had a chance of getting away with it as far as most of the public were concerned. The only problem for the MSM is that right now they’re lying about a far away place of which we know a hell of a lot. Now, suddenly the MSM is trying to convince us that down under they’ve abandoned barbies in favour of cross-burnings. That could be a tough sale.

Given the immense number of Brits in Oz, and Aussies on the Sceptred Isle, the MSM would have a tough time even if Al Gore had fallen under a bus in 1970. Fortunately, Al survived long enough to invent the Internet, so now we can read Ozbloggers and see what’s going on for ourselves. We can find out for ourselves the real backstory behind this completely surprising outbreak of viiolence. We can see that the Maronites – Lebanese Christians – have been targeted, not by the supposedly-racists Aussies, but by Lebanese RoPers. We can tell that all those attacks on ‘places of worship’ seem to involve churches rather than mosques.

The bottom line is that when they wanted to make a film about cloned Hitlers they called it ‘The Boys From Brazil’ not ‘The Boys From Bondi’. The MSM might just about be able to convince people that the Israel, Thailand and Sudan all just happen to be cursed by huge numbers of crazed Islamophobes, but that won’t work for Australia. Maybe this won’t be the tipping point that leads to pitchfork-wielding mobs storming the BBC, but it could just be the point where the truth about the MSM’s dhimmitude goes mainstream.

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