Sunday, December 04, 2005

Feel The Love

A commenter at B-BBC points out this thread at the Al-Beeb.

Just in case the BBC performs one of its trademark stealth edits, here are some highlights:

have u seen the videos of british/us contractors killing people randomly on the highways??...its unbelievable, totally unbelieveable.

I cant stand the way these foriegn contractors are regarded as innocent.

They are nothing but part and parcel of the illegal war and occupation of Iraq. They are bloodsuckers who make a living on the backs of 10's of thousands of dead men women and children.

No mercy for them.

I don't see how Muslims can sit back and watch Muslims being tortured and killed. The Koran clearly states that it is the duty of ALL Muslims to defend Muslims lands which are being attacked.

But no, Muslims in the West would rather sit back, happy with their Toyotas and semi-detached houses. After all, it might be a bit dangerous in Iraq! People might get killed!

It is they who have sided with the kafirs. Allah will have no mercy for them.

The kafirs when they die go to hell.

Muslims should not fight other muslimss - but mankind was created weak. But Allah forgives all sins.

Dead Muslims have a hope, dead kaafirs have nothing.
Remember to watch out for all those Right-Wing Extremists!

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