Thursday, December 15, 2005

Just Thinking....

Now that the MSM has finally been forced to report on the Sydney riots, they’ve had to switch to Plan B: blame it all on the Right. Apparently, it’s all the fault of John Howard’s harsh rhetoric. So John Howard gives a speech supporting immigration control and 14 Jihadis gangrape an Infidel woman. I'd like to see the L3 show the flowchart for that little theory.

But, OK, just for the sake of the moonbats’ insane argument, let’s assume that a right-wing politician mentioning the words ‘immigration’ and ‘reform’ in the same sentence is enough to turn ordinary citizens into Nazi killing machines. Doesn’t that mean we’re entitled to ask if there’s a connection between the Left’s crazed rhetoric about ‘fat cats’ and the like, and the brutal murder of a senior figure in the financial services industry by a killer described as ‘obsessed with the rich’ ? If not, why not ? Surely the evidence is exactly as compelling in this case as in the former case, right ?

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