Monday, December 26, 2005

What Would Jesus Tax ?

More evidence that the new Age of Tolerance isn’t quite working out as advertised. Apparently, equality demands that public money is spent promoting one side of the issue while those supporting equal prominence for all sides are bigots. Honestly, you need a scorecard to keep up with these folks.

I’m sure the Bishops would speak out against this attempt to criminalise Christianity, but they’re kind of tied up with something even more important: supporting ‘open door’ immigration. Laban neatly fillets their absurd argument, but I’ll let it go if they’ll finally admit that, while he may have worked via a variety of proxies, the true author of the Constitution of the United States was clearly Jesus. That might seem like quite a claim, but consider this: what is the story of the slaughter of the first born, if not a warning about the dangers of over-mighty government ? It was the US that was the first nation to include in its basic articles of law, a clause explicitly meant to facilitate rebellion against such a body. Proof of concept: look at who is most virulently against the Second Amendment: Liberals. And their other signature issue ? Abortion. Now, that doesn’t prove that every Democrat is necessarily the willing servant of Lucifer, but that is the simplest explanation.

But I digress. The point is that almost anything in the Bible can be read as supporting a particular political point. Take, for example, the feeding of the 5000 - surely a parable about the tremendous gains in efficiency possible when the dead hand of government is removed from the agricultural and fishery sectors ?

Well, no, probably not. The thing that sticks in the throat about the Bishops’ babbling is not just that it’s a crude attempt to hijack religion to push the Liberal line, it’s that the point they’re making is implicitly an anti-Christian one. Remember the whole ‘giving to Caesar that which is Caesars’ thing. Consider that Jesus lived at a time when slavery was universal yet he never mentioned it - or, indeed, any other ideological issue. Christianity is about eternal truths - to attempt to cite it in support of throwing money at Albanian wasters is evidence either of a total misunderstanding of the religion or a readiness to misrepresent it for reasons of political expediency. Neither explanation suggests that we should place much weight on the imbecilic yapping of the Bishops.

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