Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Week Is A Long Time In Liberal Posturing

Was it only last week that the L3 were flapping about the ‘Al-Jism’ memo ? Reports that an alleged memo may have included speculation by Bush on the possibility of bombing Al-Quaida TV were proof positive that the Chimpy McHitlerBurton was intending to establish the Fourth Reich of Jesus.

Not that the Left was motivated by Bush Derangement Syndrome. Nope – they were deeply concerned by issues such as press freedom and the like, which is exactly why they’ve reacted so strongly to recent events in Denmark.

No, wait...that’s not right.

It’s not like we need to speculate about alleged memos here – we know that these people really are under threat. Ditto, there’s nothing hypothetical about Islamopaths slaughtering critics of Islam. So where are the Left ? For that matter where are the Tory-In-Name-Onlys ? How come Bigoted Bozza isn’t making a big song and dance about his readiness to publish the offending cartoons in the Spectator, as he did with the alleged memo ?

This is what these people mean when they talk about moral principles: absolutely nothing. They have a hissy fit over a completely hypothetical threat but ignore a real one. Of course they do – the only consistent principle on show is the principle of sticking it to the West at every turn. Remind me again why we should take any of their moral posturing seriously ?

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