Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Return Of The Worst. Candidate. Ever.

Could it be ? Yes, indeed, to judge by this post and comments, it looks like The Margon, primo pin-up of Blue Labour is back, and this time it’ll be even better than last time.

Those who were reading this blog back in the early days may recall the fatwa put on my own fat self for daring to ask just how exactly Margo James, who is a lesbian, is qualified to be an MP. I think the technical name for what followed is ‘girly hysteria’. Trouble was, these folks were so busy writing 84 000 posts about how Nazi a Nazi I was that they didn’t find any time to lay out any actual arguments in favour of Margo James, who is a lesbian, becoming an MP.

As far as I can make out, the case for putting Margo James, who is a lesbian, in Parliament, seems to revolve around the fact she was a moderately successful flack for the pharmaceutical industry. Just that. Sir James Dyson she ain’t.

But what about the politics you say ? What, indeed ? A search on “Margo James” and either “Conservative” or “Tory” produces a grand total of one document which could conceivably be political in nature (and it was inaccessible so I couldn’t even verify that).

In so far as Margo James, who is a lesbian, is known for anything, it’s for the bizarre Dance of the Seven Veils she performs over her sexuality, whereby she doesn’t like to talk about it, but those pesky journos keep bamboozling her into doing so at great length (if only she had some experience dealing with the press!). Needless to say, the Tory-In-Name-Only contingent is particularly excised by any suggestion that Margo James, who is a lesbian, is trading on her sexuality. She celebrated her candidacy by giving a round of interviews talking about her sexuality, later told The Sun that she thought Lady Thatcher was sexy and now appears on a stage as the Conservative Party’s Lesbian-In-Chief, but it’s a private matter.

The irony is that for all the eye-scratchey attacks by the Blu Lab hysteria squad, those of us on the Right would agree with them: Margo James, who is a lesbian, is the perfect pin-up girl for Blue Labour. Here we have an individual with a fairly successful business record and no political track record being hailed as the next Lady Thatcher (except not really, really evil like that Lincolnshire cow).Yet the public aren’t fooled. Despite an unprecedented level of support for a virgin candidate in an unwinnable seat, she still managed to score a lower swing than the national average last time around.

More profoundly though, there’s a blatant contradiction at the heart of the whole idea. The loony theory behind AA is that lesbians, say, can only be properly represented by a fellow lesbian, but just how many ‘pink’ constituencies are there in Britain ? I make it ‘none’. In other words, to accept this dipstick theory means to accept that Margo James, who is a lesbian, will be unable to represent at least 95% of the people in any seat she might win – this’ll be why there are no successful gays in industries that rely on mass appeal, like music and fashion. But wait… turns out that although minorities must be represented by minorities, the door only swings one way. Yep – it’s our old friend Gramsci again, with different rules for those pesky hegemons and the oppressed.

Make no mistake: the Conservative Party’s submission to the whole identity politics scam marks a grim surrender to the Gramscian agenda, made all the more shameful by the fact that few of them appear to realise the significance of it.

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