Tuesday, December 20, 2005

But Did They Clear It With The French ?

The Bush doctrine turns up in the funniest places. Who’d have thunk it ? The Peopls’s Republic of Scotland a hive of neocons. Despite the absence of any evidence of WMDs, and without authorisation from the UN, they nevertheless chose to impose their own vision of ‘civilisation’ on a peaceful group of islanders who offered no imminent threat to Scotland.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but some of us called the shot and the pocket months ago. There’s nothing libertarian about the idea that governments can redefine millennia old institutions by fiat. Equally, the whole ‘gay marriage’ bandwagon was never about removing restrictive laws preventing gays booking village halls. There never was an Inappropriate Ceremonies Squad staking out Moss Bros. Come to think of it, there were even plenty of groovy vicars and the like, ready to carry out the ceremony. The only thing gay couples couldn’t do was use their ‘marriage’ to demand special treatment from third parties – like demanding committed Christian registers carry out their services.

It is hard to believe that anything the islanders are doing would outrage the man on the Clapham Omnibus. They’re simply saying that their religion is incompatible with these ceremonies. No one is getting thrown off tall buildings (actually, the Scots seem to like that). But that’s enough. This is the true measure of what the ‘gay marriage’ debate is really about: pushing the gay agenda. That’s why they’re flying in registers, rather than suggesting that gays go the other way. Facilities paid for by the people of the Western Isles will be used to carry out ceremonies that they strongly believe are immoral. A more blatant act of Liberal triumphalism can hardly be imagined. If nothing else, can these people just give us a break from all that talk of 'US insensitivity' ?

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