Monday, December 12, 2005

Where's The Clue Fairy When We Need Her ?

I wasn’t happy with Cameron’s opening speech, but Peter Briffa makes an important point: there’s a certain demographic that appreciates a smooth talker even while they know he’s lying (I think he means women). True enough, but it requires the aforementioned smooth-talker to at least try to hide his contempt for the mark. Cameron’s team seems more Gerald Ratner than Errol Flynn.

Party conferences play an important role in British life: when all the geeks tramp onto the train to some seaside resort it gives trainspotters a rare feeling of superiority. Personally, the thought of being trapped in room with the type of people who spend an entire week talking politics seems like a vision of Hell. Yet even I was offended by the Nu Conservatives justification for screwing about with the Party conferences. Apparently, the annual conference is only attended by ‘people who are paid to or who are retired or who are independently rich or who are fanatics.’

Hey, Tories, he’s talking about YOU!

Funnily enough, the charge of fanaticism doesn’t apply to folks who do other odd things like pound pavements canvassing and delivering leaflets, fund-raising, working phone banks, or approximately 99% of what the Conservative Party wants members to do when it’s election time. But the bottom line comes across loud and clear: the top brass hate the membership.

Let’s not even consider the dingbat idea that hip young things that won’t attend these monotonous jismfests now will nevertheless do a week’s work then jump in the car, spend two days being talked down to by the Cameroonatics, then go straight back to work on Monday. In your dreams, rich boys!

No, this is just another v-sign from the Conservative Party to the membership. Just what do these people need ? David Cameron to come round and personally slap them across the face with a wet fish while addressing them as ‘Mr Oikey-Stupid-Person’. Hello ? Conservative Party members: you are hated by your party.

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