Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust

You know it sure is lucky that The Dave purged the candidate lists and imposed his own set of Dave's Drones - otherwise something embarrassing might have happened.

This is why it matters: no Tory leader in history has exercised such control over the choice of candidates. Equally, the purge was a key example of Cameroonacy in action. Long-serving conservatives with local roots were replaced with Nu Tory robots. The whole process was a defining moment in Cameroonacy. The obsession with centralisation, control freakery, contempt for traditional values and local communities, and also for the role of MPs as anything other than avatars of diversity, are all examples of Cameroonacy in action.

As more and more examples of lunacy emerge amongst The Dave's New Elite we're entitled to wonder what it all says about both Cameron's judgement and his underlying ideology.

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