Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Kill Da Pigs

As a rule of thumb, I'm thinking that if someone's claiming it's the sight of shields and helmets that drives people to indulge in riotous insanity, they may not be moderates after all.

How does that work anyway? Are cops rampaging round threatening to throw their helmets at peace-loving ecoloons? How do you intimidate someone with protective clothing? And does Mad Bob freak out when he sees doctors wearing white coats? Admittedly, he's probably well used to that by now.

It's not even as if there's not already evidence of mayhem being planned. Actually, that's the bit that sticks in the throat. You just know that in almost any other context Bob Marxist-Andrews would be taking out an onion for those poor workers denied proper protection by the eviiiil bosses.

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