Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blogwars: Special Extra Time Edition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the libertarian revolution comes, you'll be free to flirt with foul ideologies with no come back, but until then these folks will just have to rely on constant whining (I guess not enough people noticed the first two times he claimed to have totally quit forevah!).

He tries the more in sorrow than anger route this time, with a link thrown in to show how reasonable he's been. Trouble is the link goes to an off-site comment. Since he won't bother, here are the links to his earlier posts - feel the rationality, but don't forget to compare them to his denunciations of paedophiles (if you can find any). Then again, just note that title: the underbelly of the Internet isn't Gary Glitter logging on to chat rooms as CrazeeGirl237, it's the people who think he shouldn't be allowed to. Ah yes!

Oh and he tries the desperate 'libel' thing again, thereby proving he's as clueless about civil law as he is about the criminal version.

Did I say desperate? Try a shoehorned Shakespeare reference. Intellectual, baby!

Still, got to keep hope alive - if he keeps coming back, we might some day find out just how his position differs from that of the average NAMBLA member.

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