Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We Are Winning

Who'd have thunk it? A bare plurality of the public support the BBC. Hmmmm... do you think the same Beeboids who sneer at the massive margins for the death penalty and against the EU constitution will suddenly embrace the concept of majority rule after all? At least until their support finally drops below 50% anyway (which on current trends will be next Tuesday)?

No subject shows BBC bias like the BBC itself. Here we have almost half the country opposed to the idea taking money off poor people to give to Metropolitan lovies, but you wouldn't know it if you only watched the BBC. On the contrary, not only does the BBC treat its opponents as Unpersons, it regularly airs long promos publicising its own brilliance in terms that would make Kim Jong-Il blush.

Add in backing vocals from the left's choir insensible and never in history has there been such a wall of noise in support of a bad idea, but they're still losing.

Also losers: our potemkin conservative party. Under the divinely inspired leadership of the Ayatollah Khameron, the Tories haven't just refused to attack the BBC, they've even started stroking it. Opponents of the BBC have found themselves shunned by the conservative establishment, but it's the Tories that have been left on the kerb. While Official Conservatives were arguing that you had to go along to get along, grass roots activists were cutting the ground out from under the BBC.

Equally important, the campaign against the BBC was, and is, a virtual anti-matter version of Khameronism: instead of smug elitists issuing forth carefully-tailored messages aimed at C1 football fans who eat pizza, the BBC's getting battered by ordinary folks who's main source of evidence is the BBC's own reporting, and main tactic is simply fact-checking that appalling rubbish.

There's nothing sophisticated about the campaign against the BBC, and doubtless the BBC would claim the folks involved aren't nearly as exciting as Shami and the rest of their activist pals - in fact, all things considered, there's only one positive thing you can say about the anti-BBC folks: they're winning!

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