Monday, August 04, 2008

Even More On What Social Workers 'Actually Do'

Now that we've got to put up with all that liberal triumphalism over the release of convicted sexual predator Barry George, it's worth reminding ourselves just how things work under the left's preferred model of tribunal.

Or rather don't: the average leftist would rather have a shower than let the public know just how they operate:
Secondly, there were often additional reporting restrictions. Some of these were sought by local authorities as soon as I called them to try to get their sides of the stories. Some of these orders were so badly drafted that our lawyers simply could not tell what we could say. Some bore no relation to the draft that we had been sent before the hearing. It costs money to fight such orders, money that local media may not have and nationals are reluctant to commit.
Then again, these guys really do have something to hide. Sample quote:
As soon as a care order is made, the local authority controls all communications between parents and children. In many cases contact is gradually reduced, sometimes from a few hours a week to an hour or so a month, at which point social workers can return to court and claim that the child no longer has a strong bond with his family.
This is a key point: it's not about anything as benign as bad judgement, poor management or the like - these tactics are so twisted and sick that anyone who uses them simply should not be employed in the first place.

Or consider the quote JulieM highlights. Again, there's no possible defence for either the sadism or the social engineering.

Ditto, it is a simple fact that these courts are protected from public scrutiny. Not even Rumpole of the Bailey could argue his way round that. As Camilla Cavendish rightly points out, the media is able to respect the anonymity of rape victims without a blanket reporting ban. This isn't a complex issue: you're either happy with secret courts or you're not.

To the point: while feral leftists claim that recent events in the real courts prove.... something, the self-same folks are perfectly happy with courts that violate just about every principle of justice. It's the perfect barometer of how seriously to take their rantings about Barry George.

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