Sunday, August 31, 2008

Liberals Are Losers

Looks like the left's narrative on Sarah Palin is taking shape. Apparently, the highly-accomplished executive of America's largest state might be a mother of five, but she's not a Real Woman.

Apparently, to qualify as a Real Woman she'd have to have a bag full of sexism atrocity stories, rather than being a happy and well-adjusted family woman. The equation is rarely stated as openly as that: losers only need apply.

Which is another great thing about the US. There might be a certain percentile that goes in for this wallowing in victimhood, but Americans tend to be happy, optimistic and patriotic. They surely aren't attracted by a party that spends its time claiming - in the teeth of all the evidence - that living in America is the worst fate that could possibly befall anybody. That's the problem the Democrats have: their entire platform is designed to appeal to losers, and there just aren't enough out there for them.

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