Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Libs' New Baby Seal

Don't be shocked, but it turns out that Barry George is a violent sexual predator.

Who'd have thunk it, hey?

Needless to say, this doesn't necessarily make him a murderer, but it does kind of cut the ground from under the left's point that anyone - maiden aunts, small children, pet cats - can find themselves fitted up by the filth. Ditto, it's always interesting to see how fast the femiloons can ditch their alleged principles when they conflict with the tactical needs of the moment. Maybe they need a new slogan: zero tolerance for violence against liberalism?

At least liberals are taking this revelation with their usual charm, good humour and originality. Highlights from the comments thread of that article:
Is she sniffing the compo.

- will smith, Rochester England, 2/8/2008 14:08

Why didn't she report it earlier.Coming out the woodwork now so she can have a bit of compensation from him.Ka ching!

- Mark, Wigan, 2/8/2008 15:41

It funny how she is so traumatised now there is the chance to make some money.

- Afro Lady, wolverhampton, 2/8/2008 17:08

So now they come crawling out the woodwork at the mention of compensation.....

- Jo, Paignton, 2/8/2008 16:08
And thus was ended the debate over whether or not liberals were talking point spewing zombies.

But let's not overstate the case. Liberals aren't just morons endlessly parroting the same asinine lines. They're also liars:
Fancy that, man in line for a big pay out is a rapist 25 years ago, why did'nt she come forward years ago instead of now

- Paul Downey, Liverpool, 2/8/2008 15:45

If Mr George is in line for compensation watch out for hordes of traumatised women to come out of the woodwork with lurid tales of how the scheming oddball ruined there lives. Nothing can make up for what they went through - apart from large sums of money that would help bring closure (and early retirement).

- Chubbarow, Nottingham, England, 2/8/2008 16:48

Where's the proof of these allegations?

- N Brown, UK, 2/8/2008 15:53

Marvellous now the poor man's been accused of rape, its got to do with going for compensation-if you were raped wouldn't you have reported it when the incident happened not wait 8 years, Ms Gray wants a chunk of his compensation no doubt.

- Dee, Hampshire, England, 2/8/2008 16:28
Yep, I guess even liberals can see that defending a self-confessed rapist might be a tough sell. Of course, if they had any integrity at all they'd admit he'd already been tried and convicted for the rape, but then again, if they had any integrity they wouldn't be liberals. As it is, we get this:
Just as I expected. As soon as he is acquitted, the newspapers dig up all the dirt they can to attempt to justify his wrongful conviction. Whatever else he did he did not kill Dando and that is the relevant point.

- James Danvers, London, 2/8/2008 16:27

"He was very strong but it was all pretty pathetic..".
This sounds very suspicious to me. I suppose all the dirt that the police can dig will now be offered to the newspapers who will use it with avidity.

- D James, Lancashire, UK, 2/8/2008 16:33
'Digging up dirt' = making public information that's embarrassing to the left.

Meanwhile, here's the dark side of the left's worship of victimhood:
Was he arrested and convicted of an offence ? She seems to have gotten over her shock and trauma sufficiently to speak to the newspapers !!

- John Williamson, Birmingham, England, 2/8/2008 16:54
Yes, the fact a victim of a serious sexual assault has put her life back together over the following quarter of a century means she's clearly wasn't raped.

Hello? Just for the sake of clarity, could the left define how victims of rape are supposed to behave? Alcoholism? Suicide attempts? Just what do they need to qualify as genuine victims?

Oh yeah..... don't get in the way of liberal talking points.

I think this case gives us the right metric to judge femiloon charges that the right doesn't take rape seriously enough.

But the winner of best in show is this one, with my comments in square brackets:
Why can't they leave the poor man alone [a 'poor' convicted rapist]. He's suffered enough [two and a half years for a serious sexual assault?]. Now it looks like all sorts of women will be jumping on the bandwagon saying he did this or that [and it looks like the courts agree: he did do it!]. They are just after some fame and money. [or possibly they're just sickened by liberals presenting a dangerous pervert as some kind of victim]

- Steve, Worcester, England, 2/8/2008 15:35
And there you have it. Liberalism in a nutshell: a rape victim is unfairly persecuting her attacker by publicly calling him what he is.

Chicks, hey?

All this hate comes down to one thing: the victim has got in the way of the canonisation of Barry George. Liberals love cases like this because it gives them a bloody shirt to wave when the subject of crime and punishment comes up, and capital punishment in particular. This is why liberal activists will spend years insisting on endless appeals and retrials until they can get the baby seal d'jour off the hook.

Even most liberals wouldn't normally attack a rape victim, but hey, if she didn't want to get slimed, she shouldn't have got in the way, right?

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