Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rightists Publish Stuff, Liberals Outraged!

In so far as leftists always claim to be devill may care rebels and iconocalsts speaking truth to power! in the face of the Evil Right-Wing Oppresion, it's always illuminating to see their hysterical reaction to actual right-wing thought.

This one from the Indie is a classic of the genre. They're shocked - shocked! - by the thought that there are people out there campaigning for lower taxes. Who knew? Not our tolerant friends, that's for sure. They keep trying to cast the TPA's activities in sinister terms, but can't help but come off as kind of, well, lame actually. As I read it the charge sheet is as follows:
  1. The TPA does research
  2. It then publicises it
What warped genius could have come up with such a plan? Well, off the top of my head: Liberty, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Oxfam, Christian Aid, Greenpeace and NACRO., all of whom have used the self-same tactics - and with far less scrutiny. Of course, the TPA has never allied itself for murderous savages, so I guess it's not the same after all.

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