Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hey, You Know What Schools Need More Of? Feminism!

Why, yes, that idea does come from a wacademic, how'd you guess?

Of course there is one rather large problem with the theory that schools aren't drinking enough of the femiloon kool aid:
Dr Ringrose said most schools see gender equality in terms of exam results, where girls now outshine boys in most subjects.
Well, quite. In so far as the best objective data of school performance indicates that it's boys who are getting the shaft, this would tend to blow Little Miss Victim's thesis clean out of the water. But no - La Ringrose has an agenda to push and she sure as hell isn't going to waste time arguing about 'facts'
She called for teachers to discuss feminism and suggest positive role models, who could include figures such as Virginia Woolf, suffragettes' leader Emmeline Pankhurst and even the cartoon character Lisa Simpson.
Well, I'm all in favour of telling kids the inspiring story of how a socialist weasel recovered and blossomed into a fanatically pro-war social conservative, but I'm not sure about the other two, what with one being a loony who topped herself and the other being a FICTIONAL CHARACTER.

Gosh, it's a real mystery why feminism is being laughed out of the public square!

Teenage chicks may not be, like, totally smart but even they can recognise a bunch of losers when they see them. After all, Paris Hilton may be the definitive example of a celebutard, but at least she's more fun than Ringnose and the rest of the freaks babbling on about how Virgina Woolf drowning herself really stuck it to The Man.

That's the real knock on feminism. Sure, amongst other things there's the irrationality, the deranged hatred of men and children, the immaturity and the obsession with victimhood, but the real problem with feminism is the problem with liberalism in general: it's just so brain-grindingly miserable.

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