Friday, August 29, 2008

Blogwar 4 Evah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, another instalment in my battles with the would-be hipsters busily twisting the ideals of socialism and libertarianism beyond anything either Keir Hardie or Ayn Rand would possibly recognise.

Of course, last time we met ShortBusRider was ranting about how his nuclear-powered ninja mind could totally destroy the right's arguments, except he, like, had to run 'cause he had a really hot date with a load of super-models, on a big yacht in Monte Carlo.

I'm guessing his date must have got cancelled, and his brain must be running low on plutonium, 'cause he's back and relying on that most desperate of talking points. Yep, our kewl-running rebel tiger is complaining that he's been libelled. Anarchy!

Hey, you know how he hates harsh language, right? The old paedophile apologist has taken time out from publishing pro-nonce talking points to complain about being called a 'paedophile apologists' except - and if you've been following earlier instalments you'll have guessed this already - he never actually gets round to explaining just how his philosophy differs from that of actual paedophiles.

Consider the evidence: hipsters claim paedophiles are an unjustly persecuted minority, like Jews in Nazi Germany, or blacks in the deep South, with us folks playing the role of the Nazis/KKK. So do paedophiles!

Hipsters claim the public isn't really opposed to paedophilia, it's just they've been whipped up into a frenzy by dark forces with their own sinister agenda. So do paedophiles!

Hipsters claim that taking action against paedophiles will lead inevitably to a descent into fascism. So do paedophiles!

Hipsters claim the whole 'age of consent' thing is kind of arbitrary, and seize on any countries with a lower age of consent as proof Britain is EVIL! So do paedophiles!

Hipsters seize on any evidence that violent paedophiles can be rehabilitated, while dismissing the far more numerous - and generally more independent - studies showing that paedophiles not only often re-offend, but often escalate the seriousness of their offending. So do paedophiles!

Hipsters often argue that paedophilia is less serious where the victim consents - even though by definition they're below an age where they can. So do paedophiles!

Hipsters often argue in bad faith by citing the tiny proportion of technical offences involving boyfriends and girlfriends very close in age, even knowing that the justice system can - and does - differentiate between these cases and Gary Glitter raping a pair of 10 & 11 year old girls. So do paedophiles!

Hipsters claim that even multiple convictions are no guide to the likelihood of future offending. So do paedophiles!

True, the hipsters and the paedophiles do diverge on the question of legality, but then even some of the more politically astute nonces will admit that, gosh darn it, some of their comrades do go too far. Meanwhile, where did we come into all this? Ah yes: hipster's trying to re-brand paedophilia as an unfortunate medical condition. Look how that turned out with smackheads!

And all that is just the highlights!

The logic of the hipsters leads directly to the mainstreaming of paedophilia. You simply cannot argue that nonces are being unjustly persecuted by fascist bigots in the service of a totalitarian agenda and still claim to opposed to paedophilia in any meaningful sense.

But even all this doesn't get to the heart of it. What the hipsters hanging out with perverts symbolises is something deeply wrong with modern politics.

Why is paedophilia evil? Isn't that like asking why fire is hot? The desire to protect children runs deep in pretty much every functional human being - that's part of why there is such outrage about paedophilia. But here come the hipsters! Smug elitists explaining why 'good' and 'evil' are so passé these days.

The hipsters aren't 'rational', they're 'rationalisers' - people bending over backwards to excuse evil for no better reason than to establish their own superiority over anyone who isn't a moral void.

A large part of our political class is unable to engage with the world through any means other than self-concious ironic detachment, and are unable to offer anything other than nihilism. Why let them get away with it? Let's stop letting the hipsters bully us into believing that their knee jerk support for depravity is somehow sophisticated. Why not call them out for what they are: apologists for paedophilia and every other kind of evil out there?

We ought to demand that our political class acknowledges one thing. Paedophilia isn't a part of civilisation, it is the antithesis of it. A culture that is 'rational' about absolute evil hasn't just lost its soul, it's lost it's mind. Without morality, there is only force to hold a society together, and that can never be enough.

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