Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our Rubbish Politics

Brilliant though the Republican's choice of an all-pilot ticket is, it does ram home how awful British politics is. Say what you like about 'Maverick', but he at least have a history. As for Palin, she's not only a great pick for all the reasons Ross notes, but she's got that something extra - she seems normal.

Can anyone seriously imagine anyone as well adjusted as Sarah Palin in the Tory Party? Of course part of that is that US politics has two features rapidly disappearing from British life. There's the link between politicians and communities, which was on life-support even before the Tory A-list formalised the process of parachuting Metropolitan candidates in constituencies. Then there's the opportunity for meaningful executive experience at a local level, rapidly disappearing under continuous bombardment from government and EU directives. Still, there's something extra.

Seriously, could anyone imagine living next door to David Cameron? And not just because you couldn't afford it. The average British politician has been sucked into the Westminster vortex at the age of 21, thence to lose all sense of reality and contact with normal people. Seriously, is there anyone - anyone! - outside the incestuous world of Westminster who looks at David Miliband and thinks 'hmmmm.... prime minster material'? The man's a freak.

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