Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Art Souls

Sounds like Canada is just like Britain, at least to judge from the comments to this post. This is my favourite:
I wonder if I could get a Canada Arts Council grant for the piece of Canadian art that I've envisioned. It's a headstone made of feces, with Pierre Elliot Trudeau's name on it. Standing on one side is a statue of a farmer (made of wheat, beef, and oil) who is urinating on the headstone, and on the other side are statues of two naked males (one white, one black) holding hands, and 'showering their love' on the headstone. It symbolizes the truly Canadian aspect of how Western Canada feels about our most controversial P.M., and the love that the gay and ethnic community feel for him for espousing minority rights.

Do you think I could get a couple of million for it?

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