Monday, November 20, 2006

OK, You Win, Libs (Part I)

The Libs want to redefine paedophilia – but don’t call them soft on perverts. Dyfed-Powys chief Terry Grange claims the law is a ‘grey area’. In so far as the law outlaws sex with under-16s, it’s hard to see how much simpler it could be, but I guess he’s using the phrase in the Liberal sense of ‘grey area’ i.e. ‘perfectly clear, but we wish it wasn’t’.

Still, it’s not totally idiotic. There really is a different pathology between those who seek sex with children, and those who seek to prey on teenagers. That’s not enough to justify buying into the Libs’ latest PC drivel except for one thing. If we’re not allowed to call those who prey on adolescent boys ‘paedophiles’, then that robs the Left of their main charge against the then-Cardinal Ratzenburger. After all, the ‘paedo Priests’ almost exclusively targeted teenage boys, so I guess the Liberal’s charge must be that the Catholic Church was not zealous enough in rooting out gay priests, right ?

Of course, all this leads on to a further speculation. If a network of predatory homosexuals operating in the Catholic Church for decades suggests the Church is corrupt, what does it say for gay culture ? Motes and beams, fatty!

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