Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Litmus Test

They took some time, but the Left has finally managed to muster a response to the Mad Mufti of Sydney’s defence of gang rape. Here’s Glenys Kinnock:
We know Muslims are Neanderthal in their attitudes, but it is absolutely terrifying that Sheik Hilali can fly in the face of what we have worked and fought for, to establish equal opportunities and rights for women.

He cannot strut around saying things like that.
Liberal Democrat MEP leader Chris Davies said: "It looks like it is time for a ride back to the 7th Century on the Muslim time machine, to the golden age of women's rights and opportunities.
While the Treason Party’s Hampshire MEP Chris Huhne offers this thought:
With this statement Muslims are taking the world back decades to an age where women had few if any rights or opportunities.
No, no: just kidding. All the above statements were made about UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom, when he joked about women cleaning behind the fridge. Could there be a better metric for the degeneracy of modern Liberalism than the contrast between the hysteria that greeted Bloom’s joke and the deafening silence when faced with a guy who defends gang rape ?

Hey, it’s not even as if the Left doesn’t have a history of going overboard when discussing rape. DSD points out just how loony some Leftys can be, but now we have someone who’s as bad as they always said men were ? ‘This office is now closed. Please call again after Hell freezes over’.

FrontPage magazine reminds us just how blatantly the Left has covered for Islamofascist rapists. Well, of course they have. The whole of the Liberal worldview is based on the idea that everything is infinitely malleable, that the only true evil is believing in evil. Now, they’re faced with absolute barbarism. What can all their finger in the air intellectualism avail them now ?

The central belief of modern Liberalism is that we have reached a point in human history where 2+2 can equal 5, if only we give all the power in the world to really smart people like them. Sooner or later, that type of thinking always leads to disaster, but nothing throws it into sharp relief like absolute savagery. The Islamopaths believe they have a, literally, God-given right to rape Infidel women. What middle ground do the Left think we should find with feral predators ? How should we ‘reach out’ to perverted thugs ?

Liberals have no answer to these questions because all Liberal’s supposed sophistication amounts to is a polysyllabic form of moral nihilism and self-hatred. The people hunting feral savages are as bad as the savages themselves. Western civilisation is as bad as an ideology that calls for the rape of unbelievers. Everything is the same as everything else, except when the West is worse.

Politics is full of grey areas where ideology and reality meet head-on, where compromises must be made and the best is the enemy of the good. This isn’t one of them. We’re talking about gang rape here, but the Left’s hoping the issue goes away. This is the state of modern Liberalism.

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