Monday, November 13, 2006

Saxons Baffled As Dane Demands More Geld

Another week, another Class A-list disaster. Not content with being put on the A-list, Ali Miraj has demanded he be given a safe seat in Parliament, and no, none of your pesky ‘target seats’ will do. He wants an ‘access all areas’ pass and he wants it now! And why does he have this feeling of entitlement ? Well, he’s already contested a no-hoper and a marginal, he’s on a couple of Party committees and, no kidding, he’s got ‘professional experience as a Chartered Accountant.’

Yep: Mr Diversity is claiming he should be selected because he’s yet another Party hack. Huh ? If you want to see the sheer moral bankruptcy of the whole race hustling thing summed up, this is it: a yuppie scum accountant claiming he represents an under-represented demographic. When oh when will thirty-something Metropolitan professionals have a voice in this country ?

Needless to say, the Great Man conforms exactly to the stereotype of the Cameroonatic, in that he’s ticked every box but hasn’t signed anything. His CV isn’t just perfect, it’s perfectly sterile. You just know if you asked him for the time, he’d tell you it was ‘too early to say’. Indeed, he sums up perfectly what’s wrong with the Cameron Party when he claims he should become an MP because he’s fulfilled all the criteria. Nothing about a desire to serve, no ideology to push, nope – he’s collected all the tokens, so now he wants the free toy.

In his own way, Miraj sums exactly where British politics has gone wrong. He has an impressive record of hackery, but what else ? Why exactly should he be placed in a position of power over his fellow citizens ? For that matter what does he want to be an MP for ? All that need be said about his principals is that he quotes ‘family friends’ suggesting he’d have been better off in the Labour Party. Somehow, I can’t see many people suggesting to a young Margaret Roberts that she should try Labour.

But there’s something more. Let’s flip this round. Native Britons are constantly being harried over their use of ‘insensitive language’, but here’s a guy who’s come out and called the British Right racists. Never mind that’s it’s a gift to the Left he claims to oppose, surely the yin to the yang of paranoia about racism is that people who use bogus charges of racism should also face opprobrium ? After all, what his position boils down to is a charge that them pesky whites can’t be trusted to deal fairly with people. Racist, much ? In so far as any Right winger who suggests that multi-culturalism hasn’t brought about a new Golden Age is accused of being a BNP sympathiser, what’s with a Tory A-lister who sounds like he’s recruiting for Al-Quaida ?

It takes a certain degree of chutzpah for Miraj to complain about the ethnic angle, when that is his main qualification for the A-list in the first place. Take that away and what we’re left with is another party hack, but there’s a wider issue here. The A-list was justified as the Tory’s attempts to reach out to the supposedly disenfranchised and underrepresented. Now it turns out that the Tories’ idea of an underrepresented group is chartered accountants. This isn’t a one-off, take the example of House of Dumb heroine Margo James, millionaire ex-City flack and now supposed representative of ‘female games teachers’ in Blackpool.

For all the rhetoric, the only people the Tories appear to have ‘reached out’ to are the already privileged and connected. Far from being an attempt to broaden the Party’s demographics, the A-List has been used to pack it with Cameron Clones – but multi-coloured, omni-sexual ones! Hence why the A-list has more councillors from Kensington & Chelsea on it than from the whole of North-West England plus Yorkshire. That wouldn’t matter so much if the Party was committed to a policy of strict meritocracy, but for a group of people who claim to be obsessed with creating a party that looks like Britain, it does ram the point home.

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