Monday, November 13, 2006

Worst Idea Ever

Impressed though I’ve been with the way Blair has somehow found himself on the right side of the War on Terror, there’s always been a feeling that this owes more to blind luck than anything else. Blair has never managed to articulate anything like a coherent explanation for why he thinks we need to fight. Obviously, he’s hemmed in by the very PC he did so much to promote, but still, claims that Blair ‘gets it’ seem awfully premature. And that’s before you think about his latest brilliant idea.

The big idea behind the Iraq operation was to offer the people of the Middle East a genuine choice other than repressive dictatorship or Islamolunacy. In so far as Syria is in Class A and Iran in Class B, neither has anything to gain and everything to lose from the successful establishment of a democratic Iraq. Hence, why they’ve been going full throttle to strangle it at birth. Blair's apparent failure to understand why Iraq is so vital is one thing, but his belief that the thugs and fanatics can be bought off is indicative of a man utterly failing to grasp the nature of the enemy.

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