Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Arsonists Warn Of Dangers To Firemen

In case you’ve missed the BBC’s 24-7 coverage, the SNP and Plaid Cymru a.k.a. the Celtard Twins have taken time out from proving that cancer is caused by the English to call for an inquiry into the Iraq war, ‘cause y’know, if it had been handled differently, they’d have been right behind it. Apparently, they support the type of nationalism which involves abasing yourself before Third World lunatics. Maybe we should point out that some of the soldiers being killed are English ?

Needless to say, the Treason Party is right behind them. It really is more than flesh and blood should have to bear seeing a bunch of skanky, snivelling, socialist, surrender weasels break off from five years doing all but camping outside the US Embassy chanting ‘Bin Laden is gonna win!’ to claim that they’re worried about how the war’s being fought.

In any sane world these freaks taking out an onion for our fighting men would be enough to score them the rosette for ‘Sleaziest in Show’, but now we’re in the Call Me Dave dimension and the Tories are also backing calls for an inquiry. Not that they’re standing shoulder to shoulder with the moonbats, no sir, they just want to review the war. Well, Tories, you’re in luck – there happens to be a 646 strong committee already in place in central London, ready to review how things are going. Hell, I’ll even throw in a topic to get them started: the lousy armour on British vehicles, as documented extensively over here.

But no, the Tories have bent over backwards not to discuss the war in the house. It’s not even as if these equipment problems are the result of tough choices. There’s plenty of money for the European Rapid Reaction Force, also known Les Corps de l'Eléphant Blanc. But pointing that out might reopen Tory divisions over Europe, so it’s much safer to let the troops die, while claiming you want lessons to be learned just as soon as they become moot.

Meanwhile, Nu Lab claims this sort of thing demoralises the troops, as opposed to their policy of constant witch hunts for war crimes, which enthuses the troops no end. Call it a wild shot in the dark, but I’m guessing the troops have already noticed that their vehicles have the survivability of a Conservative in the Tory Party.

Of course, there is a serious point there. Having pond life like Plaid Cymru and the like stand up in the house and argue for a cut and run strategy can’t help but strengthen the enemy. It’s Bin Laden’s weak horse all over again. The trouble is that acknowledging that would require Labour to put the war in its proper context, and this they have refused to do. Instead, throughout the war Labour have acted as though the invasion of Iraq was approved on its own merits, instead of as a strategic move in the wider war on Islamofascism. Not only has this weakened support for the war amongst some people who should be strong supporters, but it’s left the way open for conspiracy nuts, for whom everything goes back to pointy-nosed fellows with silly hats.

Nu Labour’s reluctance to call the enemy what they are is all of a part with their reluctance to give the troops the equipment they need or protect them from legal harassment. To use a Clintonism, they went to war but they didn’t inhale.

This is exactly why the House should be holding the Executive to account, but instead the opposition is off in Neverland. The Treason Party and their Celtard mates are trying to find new ways to shout ‘surrender now’! And the Conservatives ? The Party of Churchill and Thatcher is desperately triangulating on the question of whether we should grovel to murderous savages. I don’t think it’s all that talk of inadequate air assets that explains why the terrorists feel so confident.

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