Monday, November 20, 2006

That Teach ‘Em

It’s bad enough hearing Liberals pretend to applaud the teenagers who chased down a predator when you just know that in any less clear cut case they’d be busily whining about vigilantism, but let’s just consider what the final result was of these brave lads tracking down a potentially armed, and certainly dangerous, scumbag.

Ah yes. Just under six years. What kind of 'life' are we talking here ? Dog years ? It’s never a good sign when the judge feels the need to put in a plea in mitigation. Hey, these folks are notorious for pulling laws out of thin air, but now the system demands he give a savage a slap on the wrist, suddenly he’s Captain Jobsworth ? Hell, the judicary may as well go the whole way and just mail the lads a turd in a bag.

A vote of thanks too for the femiloons. This is what I was on about before. Here we have a code one: WARNING! WARNING! Predator identified! But no: they’re too busy trying to broaden the definition of the offence so they can charge the lads as accessories (‘after all, they’re male, so was the attacker. That can’t be a coincidence’)

But who let’s these guidelines go through in the first place ? I say again: ’checks and balances’ is supposed to work both ways. In so far as you could pick fifty names out of the phone book and not find five who believe this is the right sentence, Parliament has failed utterly to represent the views of the public here. It’s the yin to the yang of MPs who want to regulate everything in the whole world – here’s a job they should be doing, but they’ve let the courts go bananas. They were probably busy passing the Toothbrush Regulatory Act 2006.

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