Monday, November 27, 2006

So Which Is It ?

Talking of Cameron, just about the only thing the Cameroonatics have taken a position on is their belief that the whole straight/gay thing is irrelevant. Even mentioning the issue is enough to have the Nu Tories channelling their inner Ayatollah and issuing the low-fatwas. But what’s with Greg Barker then ?

Right now, Tory High Command is spinning that ol’ Greg is a victim of those pesky homophobes. Except take away the whole gay thing and what are you left with ? A guy marries a woman, then decides he’d rather have sex with someone else and does a runner. Classy!

OK, if you think the fact a bloke lacks integrity in his personal life is irrelevant to his professional life, then this won’t bother you, but if you do, then it should. To put it another way, the Cameroonatics demand that we ignore Barker’s homosexuality, but we shouldn’t think badly of him for cheating on his wife ‘cause, hey, he’s gay.

Y’know, a guy could easily think Opus Dave just say whatever’s most convenient at the time.

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