Monday, November 27, 2006

Life, Liberty And The Fundemental Human Right To Blow Stuff Up

Yep. Someday soon we’re going to find out that Shami Chakrabarti is being secretly employed by the Home Office. I actually think the Times is being too nice to her. She certainly pushes a crypto-anarchic view of civil liberties, but only when dealing with fellow Leftists.

Certainly, there’s been nothing equivalent to the ACLU’s famous defence of the right of the KKK Nazis to march. Au contrair, while Shami keeps a stock of onions ready for use whenever the rights of Islamofascists are impinged upon, she’s perfectly OK with restrictions on areas such as free speech, press freedom and self-defence.

Back to the main point though, namely the absolutely toxic effect of these wackos on the case for liberty. Lest anyone bring it up, Ben Franklin warned about giving up essential freedoms for temporary security. The defining characteristic of the civil liberties loons has been their belief that even the loopiest commandments handed down by judicial activists should be defended as though they were Magna Carta. The thing is though, if Judge Moonbats’ rantings have the same status as our ancient rights, then those rights have the status of wacky rulings from bewigged activists, and that makes it easier for the real authoritarians to say ‘the hell with it, let’s start again’.


In the comments, Rop points out that even some on the Left are becoming disenchanted with Liberty's humbuggery.

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