Monday, November 20, 2006

Sir Elton Comes Out

Sir Elton’s been babbling again. He wants religion banned.

To be sure, Sir Elton employs the traditional insane qualifier. He’s not against ‘religion’ so much as ‘organised religion’. Hey, as Ann Coulter would say, there’re loads of religions with thousands of sects. If none of them float your boat, it’s probably not the form of organisation that’s the problem.

Nope, away with these stupid euphemisms. We know these people hate Christianity, all Fat Reg has done is come out and say so in public. Naturally, Sir Elton’s call to abolish religious freedom has provoked a firestorm of criticism from moderate gays, human rights activists and the Tories. And when I say ‘firestorm’ I mean a complete lack of condemnation, although I do understand twenty Bishops have demanded he be arrested for incitement.

Not really.

As ever, the door only swings one way. You have one guy handing out leaflets out side a Pink Wedge rally and he gets busted for causing ‘fear, alarm and distress’ to the thousands of attendees - which doesn’t exactly undermine the gay stereotype.

Still, this does show into sharp relief the harassment of the Glasgow firefighters. Liberal managers wanted to use public servants to endorse the rantings of a group of people opposed to freedom of conscience, and the guys who refused to take part are the bigots ? Hello ?

See, this is what I was saying. This isn’t some touchy-feely debate about ‘tolerance’ and the like. Sir Elton is, well, Sir Elton, filthy rich A-list celeb knight of the realm. What else does he want ? No, there’s plenty of tolerance there but what these guys want is something quite different.

The Pink Wedge isn’t pushing some uncontentious call for mutual respect. They are completely opposed to both the specifics of religion and traditional morality, and the more general idea of freedom of conscience. If they had their way, Britain would be a very different country, but we’re not allowed to discuss what they believe. Instead, they get to denounce Britain, while calling their critics 'bigots'. In every sense, they are the perfect pin-up boys for modern Liberalism

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